Round Robin – October Assignment

Hello, Robins!

Just a reminder we have October, November, December to go. Labels and tops back in January.

Like a lot of quilters, many of you are active on social media and are familiar with hashtags, the # symbol also called the pound key in Ye Olde Days. Now we see hashtags prefacing searchable words or phrases like #vmqgroundrobin. It is also a bold bit of punctuation that lends itself handily to patchwork. Very #modernquilting.

Please add one side of hashtag blocks. Size in the 4″-6″ range. Skinny or thick, you pick.

And, to paraphrase Jean Wells as repeated in a class I took taught by Valori Wells, every quilt needs a bit of poison. Meaning, stitch in a spot/a speck/a dab of incongruent or even clashing colour. It is October after all – scare yourself a little.

Hashtag Block by Sew Much More

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