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Sponsored Challenge: Michael Miller Cotton Couture


Michael Miller has generously sponsored our next fabric challenge. Members received a package of sixth-yard cuts of seven yummy citrus-coloured fabrics from MM’s Cotton Couture line of solids.

Delicious citrus-y colours!

Delicious citrus-y colours!

The challenge is to make something quilted, and bring it to the November 18th VMQG meeting. You are welcome to add fabrics to your project, but please ensure any fabrics you add are solids (any brand) – just no patterned fabric please.

You’re going to want to bring your A game because there will once again be a Viewers’ Choice vote and prize for the winner!

If you share your progress via social media, please use the hashtag #vmqgcottoncouture.

As always, the only other rule is to have fun!

September Challenge: Tote Bag Swap

We’ve been inspired by the Tote Bag Swap happening as part of the PNW MQG meetup in Portland!

Finished tote for the #mqgmeetuppdx !

Paula B.’s tote for the PNW MQG meetup swap

So inspired, in fact, that we’re totally copying the whole idea, right down to the “brown bag” part. That means it’s an open swap – if you want to participate, just go ahead and make a tote bag, put it in a brown paper bag, bring it to the September meeting where you will get a different brown paper bag containing a tote made by a fellow VMQG member.

Other guidelines:

  • Minimum size of the bag part: 11″x 12″
  • Tote bag should be lined
  • A pieced and/or quilted bit would be nice (we’re a quilt guild after all!) but not mandatory (hint: totes are a great way to use orphan/tester blocks that you may have lying about)
  • Include your details on a note or card in the brown paper bag so whoever gets your tote knows it’s from you
  • Have fun!
Market Tote

A tote by Felicity

For inspiration and links to patterns and tutorials, check out the Pinterest board that Portland Modern Quilt Guild created. Then get busy creating your tote – we’re so looking forward to seeing what you make!


Woo Hoo! We’ve Got Ourselves an Exhibit!

We’ve got ourselves a bona fide Modern Quilt Exhibit at the Northwest Quilting Expo – 47 quilts were submitted from the following awesome members: Amy, Arita, Diane T., Felicity, Heather, Holly, Janet, Jessica, Jo Ann, Jo-Anne, Kaye, Krista, Kristen, Michelle, Niki, Paula, Sonja, Stacey D., Stacey M., Terry.  BIG thanks to you!

ALL will be displayed in the exhibit, along with 5 group guild quilts including our banner and our guild logo colours quilt! We’re so excited!

VMQG June 2013 meeting

A few details:

1. Please make sure each one of your quilts has a 4″ hanging sleeve attached. You can stitch it on or use safety pins (not straight pins!) to attach it. Two tutorials on making hanging sleeves are here and here.

2. Include your name and at least an email address on your quilt’s label.

3. Deliver your quilt(s) at the September 16th guild meeting. For ease of transportation and to minimize creases, wrap your quilt around a foam pool noodle and put it in a clear plastic bag.

4. Pat yourself on the back – you’re part of the first exhibit of VMQG quilts!

Thanks again to members to entered quilts – thanks to you, we’re being beautifully represented in Portland this September.

Call for Entries: VMQG Special Exhibit at Northwest Quilting Expo

The Northwest Quilting Expo is happening in Portland, OR from September 19 through 21, 2013. We are absolutely thrilled to have been invited to participate in the Northwest Quilting Expo in a very special way, as a group featured in a Special Exhibit at the show!

Members, we want your modern quilts! If you’ve never entered your quilt in a show before, this is the perfect opportunity to try it out. The exhibit isn’t juried, and no one will be judging your work. This is a great opportunity to show what Modern Quilting is all about, and how awesome we VMQG members are.

To enter your quilt in the special exhibit, please complete and submit this form (click for link) and email a clear photo of your quilt to by July 31.

Here are some answers to questions you may have:

How many quilts can I enter? You can enter as many as you like, but we can’t promise there will be room in the exhibit for all of them. Every member will have their first choice quilt in the exhibit. If there is still room, we’ll go through the entries a second time and take one quilt from each member’s submissions and so on through the entries until the exhibit is full or there are no more entries.

Is my quilt good enough to enter? Yes! Choose a quilt you’re proud to send as a representation of modern quilting and the VMQG.

Can I make a mini quilt? Sure! There’s no minimum size, but all quilts need to have a 4″ hanging sleeve to work with the hanging system at the show. Tutorial here and here. If you are in a pinch, the sleeve can be pinned on as opposed to stitched on.

My quilt won’t be finished by July 31 – can I enter it anyway? Yes, but it should probably be at a stage where a photo of it gives a decent representation of the final product (i.e. blocks on a design wall vs. a stack of fabric). Be sure to have it finished for delivery at the September 16th VMQG meeting.

Are you going to make me put a label on it? Yep. For safety and to avoid heartache should the unthinkable happen, please put a label with your name and contact information on the back of your quilt.

Do I have to ship my quilt(s) to Portland? No, two VMQG members will be driving the quilts down and bringing them back. All you need to do is have them done by the September 16 VMQG meeting at the latest.

If you’ve got any questions, comment here or email

July Challenge: Just One Slab for Alberta Flood Relief

We weren’t necessarily planning to do a block challenge for July but unfortunately an opportunity has presented itself. “Unfortunately” because there is a need for relief and comfort for our neighbours to the east dealing with the effects of devastating floods.

Just One Slab

So for July, will you make Just One Slab? Read all about the details here on Cheryl Arkison‘s blog. Cheryl is coming to Vancouver for a trunk show and two workshops just after the July meeting, and we thought we could present her with the slabs that we’ve made while she’s here.

The slab technique is one Cheryl describes in her book, Sunday Morning Quilts. There are also directions in her blog post. They’re very easy and a great stash-buster!

Felicity’s Slab

If you’re interested in donating a quilt, here is Cheryl’s blog post linking to two Facebook groups with info. Also, Quilters Connection Magazine, a Canadian quilting magazine, is collecting finished quilts through the month of July for shipment to My Sewing Room in Calgary. Email if you’ve got a finished quilt to donate. Note that My Sewing Room is also accepting donations of fabric scraps (cotton, flannel and batting) in support of relief efforts – all details are here. We have a few guild quilts that were awaiting donation and this is just the ticket, we think.

Thanks in advance for your generous and enthusiastic participation!

Member Spotlight: Krista Hennebury

July’s Member Spotlight features self-described bag-lady and quilter extraordinaire, Krista Hennebury.

ART_1478Krista with the pouch she received in our swap with the Portland MQG

QR Code Quilt by Poppyprint
Krista created the VMQG’s QR code quilt (scan it – it works!)

When did you start quilting?

I started by signing up for a row by row class with Jacquie Thaysen at the Cloth Shop in 2001. That quilt is not finished. Apparently, it set the tone for my quilting career of UFO’s.

Why do you quilt?

I love fabric, pattern and colour. I enjoy sewing straight lines and creating beautiful, functional things. It has been pointed out to me that I might have to change my job description from “Quilter” to “Bag Lady” because the only projects I seem to finish these days are bags of all kinds: totes, purses, pouches, luggage. You name it – I have a bag for it.

A Two-Zip Hipster fit for France

Buttercup bag for Jen

What is your favourite project?

Usually whatever I’m working on is my favourite, but if I had to choose just one, it would be my Blackbird Fly quilt. After more than 10 years of quilting for others, this was the first quilt I created for our bed and I love sleeping under it.

Blackbird Fly by Poppyprint

Where do you create?

After years of sewing at the dining room table and storing fabric in our bedroom, I am very fortunate to now have a tiny (8’ x 9’) upstairs room to sew in. It’s got a south-facing window with a lovely view towards downtown Vancouver and just enough room for my table, ironing board and stash. I covered one entire wall with batting-covered insulation sheets for a big design wall that just might be my favourite thing about the space!

Full Circle by Poppyprint

Where do you find inspiration?

Pretty much everywhere: quilting books, magazines and blogs, my travel photos, beautiful large print fabric, tile floors, pop art

birdhouse fence wool mini by Poppyprint

What is your favourite tool/notion?

Without a doubt, it is my Purple Thang(s)….I have 4 of them.

Queen of the Dresdens by Poppyprint

What’s one thing we might not know about you?

I’m a pretty open book, so I doubt there is anything. My allergy to the colour brown is common knowledge. Hmmmm, maybe that I am going to London this month to meet all of my UK bloggy friends and participate in the Fat Quarterly Retreat?!

Liberty Lemonade reversible table cloth

What do you do when you’re not creating/quilting?

I’m probably reading about creating/quilting or looking at what others are creating/quilting, or driving my two teenagers somewhere, or wondering what to make for dinner. If he’s lucky, I take my obnoxious dog for a walk.

Quickie Zippy by Poppyprint


Thank you, Krista! For more on Krista, visit her blog and her Flickr photostream.

June Meeting Recap – Our THIRD Anniversary

Can you believe it was only three short years ago that the first meeting of the VMQG happened? Over 40 people showed up that evening, and the energy and excitement in the room were palpable.

The enthusiasm and creativity of our members and guests certainly haven’t waned. We’ve grown, our families have grown, we’ve learned, we’ve been inspired and we’ve inspired each other. It’s been a blast! And we celebrated in style at our anniversary meeting with a full house.

Full house at the VMQG's third anniversary meeting

As always, more photos in the Flickr group. To highlight, though, there were quilts both large and small.

VMQG June 2013 meeting

Loved Kelly's use of colour in this evocative New Wave quilt destined for a beach house in Australia

VMQG June 2013 meeting

VMQG June 2013 meeting

Some bags…

VMQG June 2013 meeting

VMQG June 2013 meeting

Berene played a slide show of photos from her To Boston With Love experience.

VMQG June 2013 meeting

There was a wildly successful block of the month challenge using the Modernized D9P tutorial by Kristy Daum.

VMQG June 2013 meeting

We had custom cupcakes and lots of fabulous door prizes too. Happy Anniversary to us!

Member Spotlight: Jo Ann Lee

May’s Member Spotlight was given over to To Boston With Love activities (see our Facebook page for all kinds of information, media reports and whatnot). In this month’s Member Spotlight, we are delighted to be featuring Jo Ann Lee!

Jo Ann is an extremely talented quiltmaker and sewist. So excited to learn more about her in her own words.


When did you start quilting?

I learned to sew and knit when as a child.  I became interested in quilting in 1998 and signed up for my first class at the Cloth Shop taught by Dolores Bell.  It was a hand pieced and quilted sampler.  I made a twin sized quilt and had it quilted in just a few months.  I was hooked! I continue to take classes to learn new skills and techniques.

Jo Ann’s Madrona Road Challenge quilt

Why do you quilt?

I grew up surrounded by all kinds of handmade goodness. My Great Grandmother and Great Aunt Runa were quilters.  Unfortunately we used our quilts and most of them are no longer around.  I have always loved and appreciated handmade items and I love to create!

P1000894Jo Ann’s Weekender bag

What is your favourite project?

I am proud of my Cardinal and I love my Single Girl quilts. My Cardinal was a challenge at every stage it is by far the quilt that used the most of my hours.


My Single Girl quilt was a gift for my sister and was made from scraps of fabric from my Great Grandmother’s stash.  It was a really special project to work on.

Single Girl

Where do you create?

All over my home!  I share a room with the computer and it is a 9’ x 9’ and has an L shaped desk and two shelving units.  It is tight, but it is space.  The kitchen island is my cutting table.  I have some Styrofoam boards in the garage that I tape together to be a design wall. My family room floor is where I baste quilts and I block quilts in my in-laws’ living room. Whenever I baste a quilt I seem to have a helper appear to make sure the center of the quilt doesn’t move.  I think Monty is not unusual as far as pets go but it amuses me anyway.

Helper Monty

I also create on retreats, mostly Krista Hennebury’s retreats, but also guild retreats and sew-ins.


Where do you find inspiration?

Every Guild meeting, retreat, quilt show, and quilt store I enter provides inspiration. I love books and follow other quilters on their blogs and on Instagram.


What is your favourite tool/notion?

It really depends on the job.  I love Aurifil and Superior threads, 505 basting spray, my Sew Slip and machine quilting gloves.  I love my Featherwieght for piecing and my Bernina 150 is what I use for machine quilting.

Baby Quilt

What’s one thing we might not know about you?

I am not a fan of heights but have managed to skydive! – Twice.  The first time was with the woman who ran the day care I attended as a little one.  She was 80 at the time!  The second time was not as much fun as the first but was still cool.  I think I can cross that off my list.  I no longer wish to leave an airplane midflight.


What do you do when you’re not creating/quilting?

I love to garden and spend time with my family and dog.  I am a Home Economics teacher and that keeps me fairly busy during the school year.  But I do squeeze in a heck of a lot of hours into quilting!


Madrona Road Challenge: Recap

Late last year, we were given another wonderful opportunity to participate in a fabric challenge sponsored by Michael Miller. This wonderful line of fabric was designed by Portland MQG member Violet Craft.

Participating members each received a packet of Fat Eighths with the only restrictions being that the project needed to be something quilted, and that the only additional fabrics allowed were solids (any) and more Madrona Road.

VMQG Madrona Road Challenge participants

VMQG members certainly rose to the challenge – here is just a sample of the beautiful projects we made, and more can be found in VMQG’s Flickr Group.

Elsie with her Viewers’ Choice winner – $100 gift certificate prize sponsored by Mad About Patchwork.







Colleen, with Jo-Anne’s in the background


Laurraine’s quilt told the story that is found on the text fabric

Many thanks to the Challenge sponsors!

May Meeting Recap

We broke our own attendance records at the May Meeting! 50 people attended! Woo hoo! And we’re up to a total of 70 members – yay us!

The backdrop for the meeting was our wonderful hexie challenge blocks. Don’t they look marvelous?


Three lucky members got to split the 102 blocks – Felicity (using up her ‘real’ lottery luck again), Jo Ann and Niki.

There was a wonderful round up of the To Boston With Love flags and Berene was there in person to pick them up before her flight to Boston the next day.



We announced some exciting workshop news: we’ve partnered with the Fraser Valley MQG to bring Cheryl Arkison to BC for Workshops and a trunk show in July (18th trunk show in Vancouver, 19th and 20th workshops in Abbotsford – more details to come in their own blog post).

And we saw some beautiful quilts. More in the Flickr group, as usual.

Terry pieced, quilted and finished the VMQG logo-colours quilt


Jo-Anne with her all-Liberty quilt



Krista with VMQG Group Round Robin quilt after Round 1

Be on the lookout for a call for quilts to be entered in the VMQG showcase at the Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland, OR in September. Members, you are encouraged to enter a modern quilt you’re most proud of to be featured in the show. Our quilts will be in a separate exhibit and don’t need to be juried in.

Thanks for coming out to the meeting, and see you in June!