December Block Lotto – Economy Blocks (Square in a Square)

Last month of the block lotto’s exploration of basic shapes, ending on the solid four points of a square (in a square) with the popular economy block. Fans of fussy cutting rejoice!

I went with Red Pepper Quilts’ tutorial for Economy Blocks as they do not have to be paper-pieced, although if that is your preference, Rita includes a link to a pattern you can buy.

Kindly limit your palette to red centers, solid green inner squares (I used Kona Leprechaun), and a white-on-white/low volume outer square. My intention was to reflect the season without being Christmas-y. If you wanted to play with the order of the red, green, and white, go ahead as I think that would add a bit of fun to the mix.

These go together quickly, especially when chain-piecing.


The VMQG block lotto operates under the rule that for every block you contribute, you get a ticket to win them all (or half if there is an especially good turn out).