Three triangles in one block! So many design possibilities!

Our colour brief:
– white solid similar to Kona Snow
– mid-grey solid similar to Kona Titanium
– polka dot print (small to medium, any colour)

To create two blocks cut:
– one 8″ white
– one 7.75″ grey, and
– one 7.75″ coloured dot print

Make a half-square triangle (HST) from the grey and the dot squares, and then cut diagonally across the HST to create two smaller triangles made up of half grey and half dot print.

Cut the white fabric diagonally.

Sew one coloured triangle to a white triangle along the long edge. Yes, there will be extra white fabric to trim off. Press to the dark side, and square them up. They finish at about 6.75″ but don’t stress if they are a little bigger. The winner can trim to fit.

As with all the block lottos, for every completed block you make you get a ticket to win them all. 🙂

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This is the link to the tutorial I used for reference that might help you if my instructions above jump too many steps. I found the photos more helpful than the written steps: