We are starting 2020 BIG, like 12″ square BIG. And, it’s a leap for block lotto to go for size over quantity, but I think the results exceed the effort in making these generous sawtooth stars.

By Leslie of Seasoned Homemaker

The use of the solid colours in Leslie’s tutorial looks bold and modern, so let’s follow her lead, but in the interests of creative freedom and exploration, please do your stars in any two solid colours that are complementary on a white background.

What do I mean by complementary? Opposite on the colour wheel, like Leslie’s green and red star. Yellow-purple and orange-blue are also opposing pairs of complementary colours. The colours need not be ‘pure’ for them to pop with energy when next to each other (some would describe that red as being more orange but regardless it makes that green glow). So, if your colour combo has that WOW factor, then rest assured you are on the right track!

Niki Storr