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Seasonal Fat Quarter Swap at December Meeting!

We invite members to participate in this year’s holiday celebration & meeting with a fat quarter swap. 

Please bring a fat quarter (22″ x 28″) of festive fabric to the meeting on Monday, December 17th, neatly rolled up and secured with an elastic or ribbon. We will then do a blind draw from Santa’s bag. 

Stash Building Swap Round 2

A Stash Swap is a great way to add variety to your stash! Last June, we swapped fat quarters of low volume fabrics and it went so well, we’re going to do it again.

At our February guild meeting, we’ll be swapping fat quarters of TEXT FABRIC!

What’s a text fabric? It’s a fabric with text, either words or letters, printed on it. Pretty simple, right? The fabric you choose should be a MODERN text fabric, where the letters or words are the MAIN FOCUS of the print. So that fun map print with scattered words written on it? Not really a text print. The print that shows quotes from Anne of Green Gables? Totally a text print!

Here’s how the swap works –

You bring a gallon ziplock bag clearly labelled with your name with 4 fat quarters in it.

(the fat quarters in this photo are from the low volume stash swap, but prepare your text fabric FQs the same way!)

Each person can bring up to TWO bags – that means 8 fat quarters, but keep them in separate bags for ease of swapping.

These need to be MODERN text prints. Please bring fabric of a quality that you would like to receive.*

Please limit the variety of prints per bag to two, for ease of swapping. (ie, please don’t bring 4 different fat quarters in one bag!)

Fat quarters can be either US or Canadian, either size is fine. If you bring Canadian size FQs, be aware that you might receive US size FQs back.

When you arrive at the February meeting, there will be a table set up to drop your bag(s) off. Amy, Michelle and Holly will swap the fat quarters between the bags, and after the meeting, you’ll come back and pick up your bag, with 4 new FQs in it!

Easy peasy, right? We’ll do what we can to make sure you don’t get the same print back, but please feel free to swap among yourselves if you end up with something you already have.


*It’s not fun, but we reserve the right to not swap your fabric if it doesn’t fit the guidelines. We have to be fair to others who do.

Swap time!!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a swap with another guild, so we’re excited to announce a mini-mini quilt swap with Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild!

swap image omqgandvmqgswap

What’s a mini-mini quilt?

It’s a small quilt with a minimum perimeter of 24″, and a maximum perimeter of 48″. That means length + length + width + width will add up to at least 24″, but no more than 48″. You can make your mini-mini quilt any shape you like, as long as it fits within 24″-48″ perimeter. A square quilt 12″ x 12″ would be the maximum perimeter.

Remember how fun our mini quilt swap back in 2014 was? This will be just as great, but with quilts half the size!

mini quilt group shot

Wanna participate this time around? Here’s the details!

– This is a SECRET swap. When you sign up, you’ll fill out a questionnaire. When you’re assigned someone to sew for, you’ll be sent their questionnaire. This means that you’ll get something made specifically for you, taking your likes and dislikes into consideration. Awesome! Most people will be assigned a partner from the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild, though if the numbers are uneven, a few VMQG members might end up swapping with each other. The person you’re sewing for will not be the same person as who’s sewing for you.

– You’ll be making a MODERN mini-mini quilt based on your partner’s likes and dislikes. Everyone has different levels of quilting experience, but we’ll all be doing our best possible work.

– Since it’s a secret swap, hints and in-progress pics are totally welcome! Please use the hashtag #omqgandvmqgswap so that we can all follow along.

– Sign ups will start today, January 16, 2017, and will go to February 1, 2017. That gives you a little over two weeks to sign up.

– Sign ups will be ONLINE only.

– Partners will be assigned by February 15, 2017, and your partner’s information will be emailed to you

– You’ll bring your finished mini quilt back to the April guild meeting, on April 17th, 2017. We’ll mail all of the quilts together to Ottawa, and they’ll mail all of theirs to us. Quilts will be distributed at the May guild meeting, on May 15th, 2017.

– Quilts should have some sort of hanger attached. this can be a sleeve, triangles in the two upper corners, whatever works best for the quilt you make.

– This is a members-only activity. supporting your guild has its perks!

Are you excited yet?

Click here to sign up! Continue reading

Pincushion Swap!

This year’s winter interguild swap is PINCUSHIONS!

(examples shown at the October meeting, pincushions made by various people, including amy, Berene and Laurraine)

We did a pincushion swap a very very long time ago, with Kansas City MQG, so it’s about time we did one within VMQG!

The guidelines are simple:
– small enough to fit inside a brown paper lunch bag
– the top must be pieced or decorated in some way, such as english paper piecing, foundation paper piecing, improv, patchwork, embroidery, etc

If you’d like to swap, no need to sign up! Just bring your finished pincushion to the December guild meeting, attach a tag to it so that the recipient knows who made it, and there will be a table where you can set it and let everyone else admire it. Later in the meeting, we’ll put the pincushions in paper bags, and have a secret swap, where everyone grabs a bag at random. Fun and simple!

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the pinterest board i made for the original swap and see if anything catches your eye.

Several people asked about the pincushion i shared at the October meeting, the shape is called a biscornu, and it’s a traditional needlework shape. i found a great tutorial on how to make a fabric one here!

(A few tips on making a biscornu – mark the centre of your squares before you stitch them together, and check out how i threaded the needle to sew the button on in this tutorial for a slick way to avoid having a visible knot. If you do that loop around one of the buttons instead of around the fabric, you won’t have to worry about it ripping the fabric or popping through when you pull it tight. Make sure you use a polyester thread though, cotton can break when you pull it snug – i learned that the hard way!)

Utility Apron Swap at the PNW MQG Meetup


Karen with her craft apron

Clever Karen made a craft apron for the swap as her MQG Michael Miller Challenge project, photo by Michelle McLatchy

We’ve decided to do a brown-bag swap of utility / crafting aprons at the PNW MQG meetup happening in Vancouver this weekend. We announced this on our meetup page over a month ago, but thought we’d blog about it here as well in case anyone wanted to whip up a last-minute apron. You totally have time to do it!

The swapping will happen at the sew-out/potluck dinner at Trout Lake Park on Friday night to get the meetup started! This swap will be similar to the tote bag swap at the 2013 PNW MQG meetup that the Portland MQG hosted — you can make an apron and bring it to the meetup wrapped or in a brown bag. Make sure you enclose a card with contact info so your swap partner can thank you! Bring an apron / take an apron — a blind swap.  Participation is optional.

Utility apron by Dionne (dinglebobbins)

Utility apron by Dionne (dinglebobbins)

These will be small, waist-down only aprons meant to be worn while sewing or crafting. As they are a garment, you may want to consider pre-washing your fabric, but it’s not mandatory. We’ve created a Pinterest board with some ideas to inspire you!

Mini Quilt Swap!!

We’re super excited to announce a new swap! We’ve done quite a few swaps with other guilds, but it’s been a while since we did one just within our group.We see so much amazing work within our guild (that’s why our Show and Tell rocks), it’s about time we shared that with each other!

so! a Mini Quilt Swap!

vmqg mini quilt pinterest board(Heather’s started an inspiration board on the VMQG pinterest account, be sure to check it out!)

here’s the details:

– this will NOT be a blind swap. when you sign up, you’ll fill out a questionnaire. when you’re assigned a partner, you’ll be sent their questionnaire. this means that you’ll get something made specifically for you, taking your likes and dislikes into consideration. awesome!

– sign ups will start today, June 16, 2014, and will go to June 30, 2014. that gives you two weeks to get your booty in gear!

– sign ups will be ONLINE. this will let Amy email your questionnaire to your partner without having to retype it all and try to decipher your handwriting.

– partners will be assigned by July 7, 2014 at the latest

– you’ll bring your finished mini quilt back to the August guild meeting, on August 18, 2014

– that gives you 5 weeks to make something amazing!

– mini quilts will have a minimum perimeter of 50″, and a maximum perimeter of 100″. that means length + length + width + width will add up to at least 50″, but no more than 100″. you can make your mini any shape you like, as long as it fits within 50″-100″ perimeter.

– quilts should have some sort of hanger attached. this can be a sleeve, triangles in the two upper corners, whatever works best for the quilt you make.

– there will be no extras in this swap. when you bring your quilt back (wrapped and labeled with your partner’s name), the only thing in the package should be the quilt.

– this is a members-only activity. supporting your guild has its perks!

– please keep your summer schedule in mind when signing up. if you’re so busy that you might not get your mini finished in time, it might be better to wait for another swap. finding swap angels or dealing with late packages is no fun for your partner or for the organizer!


interested? fabulous! sign up here!


if you have any questions, please email Amy

amy AT vancouvermodernquiltguild DOT ca

She’ll be out of town for part of the sign up period, but due to the wonders of technology, she’ll still be able to respond to you (give her a day or so though, she might be on the beach!)

Our needlebook exchange with the London Modern Quilt Guild!

Time flies so quickly in these busy times and I’m only managing to get to my post about the needlebook exchange two months and a bit after the fact!  Mine is being used in my hexie travel kit. How about yours?
Van needlebooks
Van needlebooks group

I spoke with Krista to find out more on how the exchange came to be. “The swap came about very late one evening of the Fat Quarterly retreat when I was in the lounge of the Grange Hotel with members of the LMQG. We were laughing and carrying on, tired from our long day at retreat and a few glasses of wine. I can’t remember exactly how the swap came about but London hadn’t done an international swap yet and we decided we should get one going! I think it was Shevvy or expat Canadian Amy, or maybe Kelly who suggested it. I mentioned VMQG had already done Tote bag and pin cushion swaps so we settled on needle books to keep the cost of shipping down. Their guild is smaller than ours but several Londoners were keen to make more than one needle book. It was really fun to see how many quilters from each guild incorporated cultural elements into their needlebooks. All in all a super fun swap!”

It was super lovely to receive and open our needlebooks at our holiday meeting. And looking at the pile of wrapped books, it was really hard to choose!!

UK needlebooks wrapped

It was a wonderful experience to share with a modern guild from so far away! A huge thank you from everyone at the VMQG to the LMQG for joining in on the fun!

UK needlebooks group photo


Holiday Ornament Swap!

Happy December everyone!

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means our December meeting is coming soon too! We’ll be posting about the meeting itself, but we wanted to give you a bit of time to get started on a special activity that we’ll be doing at the meeting. We’re bringing back the holiday ornament exchange that we did for our first festive season together, back in 2010, and we’d love it if you joined in!

The swap is simple – bring a handmade ornament, and you’ll get a handmade ornament in exchange. Easy-peasy!

Your ornament can be of any style, as long as it’s handmade, so feel free to bust out your yarn or your sequins, if that’s how you celebrate the holidays.

We’ll be swapping one ornament per person (it’s not a block lotto!), but if you get carried away, ornaments make great gifts or door prizes.

Looking for inspiration?

Back in 2010, Amy blogged links to 50 fabric ornaments on her personal blog.

Since then, she’s created a pinterest board of Holiday Tutorials, most of which are ornaments.
If you’re comfortable with winging it, she’s also created a board of Holiday Inspirations – no tutorials, but some great ideas!

And if you’d like to check out our first ornament swap, there are some pics in our flickr group here.

Go forth and create – we can’t wait to see what you make!


Who is up for swapping with the lovely members of the London Modern Quilt Guild? While I was in London in July, I met some super fun gals who were “dead keen” to swap with us! We decided that small and light would be the order of the day since swap items would have to ship across the Atlantic, so we’re going for needlebooks.

Needlebook by Poppyprint
(woolfelt embroidered needlebook by Poppyprint)

The swap will be blind, meaning we’re not making for a specific person. This leaves you to create something you’ll enjoy making in any colours or design of your choosing. Please consider we’re swapping with a modern guild and let that guide your fabric/design choices. Amy has created a Pinboard with a gazillion ideas here: For the purposes of this swap, we are sticking to simple needlebooks only, not full-blown sewing kits. This way shipping costs will be kept to a minimum and everyone will receive a comparable swap gift. Please do NOT put any needles in your book!

Needlebook by Quarterinchmark
(patchwork needlebook by Chase – Quarterinchmark)

The swap is limited to approximately 20 and so far we’ve got 18 signed up so if you want in, be sure to put your name on the list at the September meeting.

Completed needlebooks (wrapped in brown paper) are due at our November meeting). If you sign up, please don’t disappoint someone in London by flaking out – bring a needlebook to the November meeting or arrange for a friend to bring it for you if you can’t make it.

Meet Up and Sew In with Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild!

This Saturday, January 19th, is an exciting day!

VMQG will be meeting up with the FVMQG to have a sew in and spend the day with our closest MQG friends.

We’re meeting part way between both guilds, so the sew-in will take place at the Surrey Public Library City Centre branch. This is a gorgeous new building, located right next to the Surrey Central Sky Train station, and easily accessible from the highway. (scroll to the bottom of this post for directions)

The physical address of the library is 10350 University Drive, Surrey, BC and we’ll be using Room  120, a big brightly lit room on the ground floor, just to your left when you walk into the library.

The sew-in starts at 10:30 and will go until 4:30. The library opens at 10am and Amy will be there setting up from that time on, so feel free to come a bit early to help move tables!

Like all of our sew-ins, the cost is $10 in advance and $15 the day of, and if you’d like to pay in advance, you can pay via paypal to

We’ll be doing a quick group project that is completely optional, but we hope you’ll join in. If you’re on instagram or flickr, you might have seen the Scrappy Trip- A-long blocks that are taking modern quilters by storm? Yep, we’re joining the craze! Everyone who participates will make one block at the sew-in, and at the end of the day we’ll have a block lotto and one lucky person will win all of the blocks, and will have a fabulous start on their own Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt.

You can see the instructions we’ll be following here, though Amy will have a copy of the instructions at the sew in as well. For an example of finished quilts, check out the flickr group that’s exploding with amazing versions!

If you’d like to play along, bring 6 strips of modern fabric cut to 2.5″ x 16″. The strips can all be the same or they can all be different, but they don’t have to coordinate. We’ll be swapping strips before we start sewing, so you’ll have an extra excuse to chat with your neighbours.

Here’s the rest of the details:

–  there is free parking for 3 hours, but after that there is pay parking nearby

– bring a lunch (there’s a kitchenette attached to the room we’ll be in), or go offsite to pick one up (there are tons of places around)

– bring a treat to share if you’d like (if you can, e-mail Amy to tell her in advance)

– bring a door prize if you’d like (if you can, e-mail Amy to tell her in advance)

– there will be 2 full sized irons, and that’s all we can have, so if you’re doing a project that needs a lot of ironing, you might want to bring a mini iron (if you have a kickass iron that you’d be willing to bring and share, please e-mail Amy)

– we’ll be swapping our Travel Swap items, so don’t forget them!

– there will be several large cutting mats, but you are welcome to bring a smaller one if you’ll need it.

– wear your nametag, you’ll be making new friends!


It’s going to be great!! If you have any questions, e-mail Amy at



The library has limited transportation info on their website (pdf), but here are some more details.


Put your sewing machine in a rolling suitcase or cart and save on gas and parking! Take the Expo line and get off at Surrey Central Skytrain. Walk through the bus loop to University Dr and turn right, the library entrance is partway down the block. You can see  a map of the Skytrain station here (pdf). 

If you’re driving from Vancouver:

If you take Highway #1 from Vancouver, you’ll have two options, the Port Mann Bridge, which is a toll bridge, or detouring through New Westminster.  

If you take the Port Mann, there is an introductory rate of $1.50 per crossing. After crossing the bridge, take the exit for 152nd St/Surrey City Centre/108th St. Google says that the exit is #48. The exit will take you onto 152nd St. Turn right onto 104th St, continue past King George Blvd and turn left on University Dr. The library is on your left, and the parking lot is a block from the corner on your right.

If you go through New Westminster, take Brunette South (exit 40A) from Hwy #1. Continue on Brunette and the road turns left at a light, continue to your left and you’ll be on E Columbia St. Take the ramp on your right for the Pattullo Bridge. Once over the bridge, you’ll be on King George Blvd. Continue on King George and turn right at 104th Ave. A few blocks later, turn left at University Dr. The library is on your left, and the parking lot is a block from the corner on your right.

If you’re driving from Abbotsford:

Go down Highway #1 from Abbotsford and take Exit #50, which is labeled as 160th St/Surrey. The exit is right after the Pedestrian Overpass, earlier than you’ll expect it to be. Luckily, there are repeated signs warning you that it’s the last exit before the toll bridge! Once you take the exit, stay to the right and follow the signs for 104th Ave West. Go through the light and follow the curve in the road and you’ll be on 104th Ave. Stay on 104th, continue past King George Blvd and turn left on University Dr. The library is on your left, and the parking lot is a block from the corner on your right.

 If you’re driving there is an Impark lot for library staff and visitors on the corner of 103 Ave and University Drive and you can park there for 3 hours for free. After 3 hours you’ll have to move your car to one of the pay lots in the area.