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Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild
PO Box 78037 RPO Grandview
Vancouver, BC V5N 5W1

Please note that do not take donations of fabric or quilting supplies.  One local to Vancouver organization that takes fabric is Our Social Fabric.  You can find more information on their web-site.

Want to say hi? You can email us at:

The executive can be reached as a group at:

Your 2018-19 Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Executive
Vice-President: Michelle Brassens,
Secretary: Dawn Flotten,
Treasurer: Erin Dosman,
Workshops: Arita Rai and Marnie Burnham,
Speakers: Linda Morrison,
Membership: Lisa Novich and  Karla Thomas,
Social Media: Niki Storr,
Member at Large: Brieta Zambrano,
Past President: Stacey Murton


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