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Round Robin – September Assignment

It’s the last full day of summer, the temperature is dropping, and so are the leaves. The Canada geese have moved into Strathcona Park again. This month’s assignment is to make one row of flying geese, two if the top … Continue reading

Round Robin – August Assignment

Dear Robins, We are half-way there! The tops are taking shape and personality. Going forward I will leave it to your artistic eyes as to where you want to add the assigned rows. Please aim to continue building the tops evenly … Continue reading

Round Robin – July Assignment

Hi, Robins — I have some fun and easy summer reading & sewing for you. This month we are going to put some squares in space, like the wiggling blocks in Natalia Bonner & Kathleen Whiting’s Modern One-Block Quilts ( ), … Continue reading

Round Robin – June Assignment

Happy Juneuary, Robins! The first day of summer is tomorrow, yet as I write this it’s raining. Typical West Coast weather, right? With thoughts of summers at the lake in mind let’s make some simple log cabin blocks. Please make … Continue reading

Round Robin – May Assignment

When I pulled my RR partner’s project out of the bag last night there was arrow fabric on it — a sure sign that my plan to do arrow blocks this month was on target! ⇓ Please do arrows of … Continue reading

Round Robin – April Assignment

Hi, Robins: Wondering where this RR is going? Hang in there and these tops will come together. We are just at that awkward early stage and it will pass like the spring rains. This month our assignment is to make … Continue reading

Round Robin – March Assignment

Happy spring Robins! Hope you are all feeling energized by the longer daylight hours as I increase the demands on our creativity a notch. I see that some of you have already taken creative licence and made your center blocks a generous … Continue reading

Past Challenges and Round Robins

Looking for some inspiration? Check out Block Lottos and Round Robins from previous years! If you’re a guild member and have Block Lotto ideas for the future, please email to share those ideas with the committee. If you’re from another … Continue reading

Round Robin – February Assignment

First round, Robins! And, it is sashing around the centre block we will go: All four sides, 2.5″ to 3.5″, with corner blocks. Feel free to vary the fabric  colour or pattern  and play with what goes in the corner blocks. … Continue reading

Round Robin – January Assignment (Centre Blocks)

Hi, Everyone: I’m thrilled that you all signed up for our 4th VMQG round robin. Welcome back to our seasoned veterans and congrats to our newbies for joining us in another quilty adventure. Your first assignment, please bring to the … Continue reading