This is the year of pushing for a little more negative space in our RR tops, and now that we are at the 10th month mark, sometimes the tops get a bit busy, a wee bit crowded. Quilts and people alike can always benefit from some breathing room, so let’s exhale together and add one more side to each other’s projects.

This month please think about small piecing in negative space. This can be improv, such as these floating triangles or more planned such as these floating stars.

Those examples happen to both be triangles, but any shape like tiny squares or rectangles would also be fun. If you are really into it, imagine little bubbly circles. The twist this month is to throw in a bit of ‘poison’– an incongruous colour that gives the eye a jolt. Just a drop. A petite pop.

The tops are really showing their personalities now; the ingenuity of your design decisions is impressive and inspiring. Keep up those high standards as we near the finish line!

Another link to help stir up ideas:

Niki Storr