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This month I’m reviewing another wonderful book from a Portland author – what do they put in the water there?! Susan Beal’s Sewing for all Seasons was a year long labour of love for her. The idea came to be in the autumn, projects were designed for the proposal in the winter, she shopped for fabrics and sewed all spring, and finished writing everything in the summer.

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Like her experience creating this lovely book, its 24 projects are divided up into the seasons of the year. The chapter for spring is made up of projects with bright colours and floral fabric patterns, summer has great projects for outdoors spaces and hot and sunny days, autumn brings cooler weather into its designs and uses wonderfully earthy tones and the winter projects are about celebrating holidays, gift giving and ringing in the upcoming new year.

The projects vary in level of difficulty from “easy” to “intermediate/advanced” and there is a wonderfully helpful techniques section at the beginning of the book.  I had a hard time deciding which project to try and finally settle on making the Nesting Canisters in the chapter for spring. It’s a project I’ve always wanted to make to help with tidying up my sewing space and now I had the perfect excuse to devote time to making some!


The instructions were super easy to follow and all three canisters were put together in no time.  I was missing one suggested tool, a binding tape maker, but I had no problem making the binding tape by hand using my iron. Now that I’ve made the canisters once, the pattern was written so well that I’m confident I will be able to make them again without referring to it.

jo-anne canisters

There are many projects in the books that I’d love to make for myself including the very pretty Spring Flowers Wrap Skirt as well as the Gardening Apron, and all of the projects would make for great gifts no matter the time of year.

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This is another book I would happily add to my collection!

A big thank you to Chronicle Books for providing the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild with a complimentary copy to review.  It will be the feature door prize at our December meeting!

Book photos reprinted from Sewing for all Seasons: 24 stylish projects to stitch through the year, Copyright (c) 2013. Published Chronicle Books LLC.

Photo of personally made Nesting Canisters by Jo-Anne Platt.

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