Holiday Ornament Swap!

Happy December everyone!

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means our December meeting is coming soon too! We’ll be posting about the meeting itself, but we wanted to give you a bit of time to get started on a special activity that we’ll be doing at the meeting. We’re bringing back the holiday ornament exchange that we did for our first festive season together, back in 2010, and we’d love it if you joined in!

The swap is simple – bring a handmade ornament, and you’ll get a handmade ornament in exchange. Easy-peasy!

Your ornament can be of any style, as long as it’s handmade, so feel free to bust out your yarn or your sequins, if that’s how you celebrate the holidays.

We’ll be swapping one ornament per person (it’s not a block lotto!), but if you get carried away, ornaments make great gifts or door prizes.

Looking for inspiration?

Back in 2010, Amy blogged links to 50 fabric ornaments on her personal blog.

Since then, she’s created a pinterest board of Holiday Tutorials, most of which are ornaments.
If you’re comfortable with winging it, she’s also created a board of Holiday Inspirations – no tutorials, but some great ideas!

And if you’d like to check out our first ornament swap, there are some pics in our flickr group here.

Go forth and create – we can’t wait to see what you make!

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