Utility Apron Swap at the PNW MQG Meetup


Karen with her craft apron
Clever Karen made a craft apron for the swap as her MQG Michael Miller Challenge project, photo by Michelle McLatchy

We’ve decided to do a brown-bag swap of utility / crafting aprons at the PNW MQG meetup happening in Vancouver this weekend. We announced this on our meetup page over a month ago, but thought we’d blog about it here as well in case anyone wanted to whip up a last-minute apron. You totally have time to do it!

The swapping will happen at the sew-out/potluck dinner at Trout Lake Park on Friday night to get the meetup started! This swap will be similar to the tote bag swap at the 2013 PNW MQG meetup that the Portland MQG hosted — you can make an apron and bring it to the meetup wrapped or in a brown bag. Make sure you enclose a card with contact info so your swap partner can thank you! Bring an apron / take an apron — a blind swap.  Participation is optional.

Utility apron by Dionne (dinglebobbins)
Utility apron by Dionne (dinglebobbins)

These will be small, waist-down only aprons meant to be worn while sewing or crafting. As they are a garment, you may want to consider pre-washing your fabric, but it’s not mandatory. We’ve created a Pinterest board with some ideas to inspire you!

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