#100 Day Colour Challenge

We have been very inspired by our last few presenters; Tara and Shannon. Tara told us that all quilts have geometry, proportion and contrast and gave us some guidelines on creating inspiring colour palettes. Shannon showed us how she has used solids and colour and colour value to create her vibrant quilts.

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild would like to present a new challenge; we are going to take on a 100 Day Challenge.

The goal is to spend some inspirational time every day for 100 days.  Exploration can be for five minutes as you browse through a quilting book on your shelf or take a picture that inspires you on your evening dog walk. Or maybe, you save up your daily time for a longer sewing time.

Even though, a finished product is not necessarily the goal here you might choose to work with… HST’s, curves, circles, postcards, improv or maybe you finish a WIP in new colour scheme. Or maybe you never get beyond just playing with colour and value. Hopefully, you will find some inspiration. Opt in to any degree, we just want you to feel inspired.

Finding play, creating new colour palettes and exploration is the key.

Guidelines for your project:
– Make it modern!
– Use bold colours/ primarily solids
– Explore Minimalism
– Work with asymmetrical layouts or alternate grid work
– Play with negative space
– Try improvisation
– Generate modern traditionalism or something wonky

Dates: April 1st – July 10th
Show and Tell: During July meeting
Post your #100 Day Colour Challenge explorations on IG at #vanmqg100days

There may be a prize or two. Have fun!