11th Anniversary Postcard Swap

We’re reviving the Winter Postcard Flurry for Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild’s 11th Anniversary this June!

Since we’re celebrating VMQG, we’ll be swapping postcards made using the guild logo colours and incorporating modern quilting design elements. Mail from quilty friends is the best mail!

Sign ups will run from April 19th to April 30th. You’ll get your partner’s mailing info by May 5th, and then you’ll mail your postcards by June 1st at the latest. At our anniversary meeting on June 21st, we’ll have a special show and tell to share all of the postcards that we received.

The VMQG logo Kona colours are Nightfall, Kumquat, Aloe, Wasabi, and White. You can use prints as well as solids, but they must read as the logo colours.

Modern Quilting Design Elements include: Use of negative space • Minimalism • Bright and graphic color palettes • Improvisational piecing • Alternate Grid work • Asymmetry • Modern traditionalism • Pixelization

This is a great tutorial from our February speaker Sarah Ruiz, and it’s the one most people followed for our Winter Flurry Postcard Swap, but there are other ways to make postcards too! Zak Foster and Amanda Nadig are currently coordinating a postcard project on Instagram that’s a bit different than ours, but you might find the #postcardquiltwip hashtag inspiring to check out. They’re making postcards that are fabric adhered to cardstock, instead of the multi layered quilt postcards that Sarah Ruiz makes, and both options are great. Whatever style you decide to make, just focus on keeping it modern, and if you go with the simpler cardstock route, try to incorporate some stitching as well, so that it’s still kind of “quilty”. Whatever you do, have fun with it!

(And once you’ve made your postcards, feel free to share them on social media. Use the hashtag #vancouvermqgpostcards so that we can all admire your work!)