Drunkard’s Path Block Instructions

Before you start, I strongly recommend watching ‘sewing tips for drunkards path’ by Gen X Quilters (8 minute YouTube video). She suggests adding 1/4″ on the outer edges of the ‘crust piece’ to prevent ending up with a too small block which can be trimmed to size in step 5.


  • 2 pieces at least 4″ x 4″ white cotton for background
  • 3 pieces of 4″x4″ brightly coloured (med or dark value) cotton

Cutting Directions

1. Print pattern provided. Make sure scale is accurate by checking the 1″ scale box. 

2. Cut out templates. If you are doing multiples you may want to trace pattern onto a heavier weight of cardboard.

3. Cut 2 of template B from the white fabric. In the video she recommends adding 1/4″ to the outer edges.

4. Cut one each of the Template A,C & D from the med-dark value coloured fabrics — should read as solid. 

Sewing Directions (all seams are 1/4″)

1. Place C & D right sides together and stitch along the straight seamline. Press seam to one side. It should be identical in size to the template A piece.

2. Fold the two white background pieces (B) in half and press to mark the middle of the cure. 

3. Place one of the white B pieces on top of the CD piece (right sides together) matching the seam on piece CD with the  mid point of the curve on B and pin. Continue to pin the two curved edges together every inch to ease the two piece together. The outer edges should be even. Press seam towards darker fabric. This is now referred to as piece BCD.

4. Take piece A and fold/press in half to find the middle of the curve. With right sides together place the second B on top of A. Match the middle of the curves and pin. Pin every inch along the curve easing the curves together. The outer edges should be even. Stitch along curve. Press seam towards darker fabric. This is now referred to as piece AB.

5.  Now you can check that your squares are 4″x4″ especially if you added the extra fabric on the B pieces, this is the time to trim. The extra should come off the white fabric edges. 

6. Stitch the two squares together:

    – Place AB square on your work surface.
      Turn it so that the white corner B is in the upper left corner and A is in the lower right. 

    – Below it place BCD square with CD in the upper left corner and the white B in the lower right.

    – Flip A down onto CD so they are right sides together. Stitch along the top edge. Press. 

Click on the template below to “save” or “save image as” onto your computer.
PRINTING TIP: make sure the 1-inch test square measures one inch on your printed copy.

Sue, VMQG member

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