Fabric Selection:

This block gives us a chance to play with a triadic colour scheme: three colours equidistant apart on the colour wheel. Google it for inspiration if you aren’t coming up with something you like.

Once you have your three colours in mind, you will turn your attention to value…the relative lightness or darkness of the fabrics. You will want:

Colour 1 – a dark, a medium, and a light (blue green in this example)

Colour 2 – a dark, a medium (red violet in this example)

Colour 3 – a light (yellow orange in this example)

Background – a white or off-white that goes well with your three coloured fabrics. Fabrics can be solid or monochrome patterned. Aim for clear colours rather than greyed colours so they will all play nicely together in the finished quilt. All triadic colours are invited to the party!










Assembly instructions:

This block is assembled in three parts:















The sizes shown on each piece are cut sizes so they will be 1/2″ smaller in both height and width when finished.

Finished block size is 16″ by 16″ so your block will be 16.5″ square.

Any questions? Email me at lorna.shapiro@gmail.com


Editor’s note: For each block you make and send, you get one entry to win them all. Before the May meeting, please mail your finished blocks to Lorna Shapiro at 2726 W. 38 Ave, Vancouver, BC V6N 2W9. Label the back of the envelope with “Triadic” and quantity of blocks.  If you are posting on Instagram, please use hashtags #vancouvermqg and #vanmqgbl21.