Welcome to the Challenges page! Here you can find the information about our ongoing guild challenges and block lottos. We will post the latest information with everything you need to know. Miss a month? That’s okay! We are keeping everything for the year under its own monthly tab. Just click on the month and sew away!

New to Block Lottos? It’s pretty simple! Every month we post a tutorial, or a link to a tutorial, and give you a colour scheme. You make blocks according to our instructions and bring them to the next guild meeting. You can make as many blocks as you’d like (some of them are very addictive!), and every block you make is an entry to win ALL of the blocks that are brought to the meeting. (if we have a huge turnout, we sometimes have two winners, but either way, you’ll still get lots of blocks!)

Though we started doing monthly challenges in 2010, everything prior to March 2015 wasn’t archived.

March – Curved Piecing

April – Intersection Block Lotto

May – Butterfly String Block

June – Flag Block

July – Scrappy Striped Blocks

August – Economy Blocks

September- Halloween Blocks

October – Green and White Wonky Stars

November – Letter Blocks

December – Woven Blocks

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