Happy August everyone! If you were at the meeting you saw the samples of this month’s block lotto challenge based on this Craftsy tutorial:


Crafty's Curved Pieces Blocks

If you follow the tutorial you come away with four blocks. Let’s stick to red/orange/yellow/white patterns & tone-on-tones. When done square up the two sides of the circles (top & right according to the photo above). There will be slight variances in sizes, so whoever wins can decide how they want to put them all together.  Each block is worth one chance to win them all.

As mentioned at the meeting, I find it helpful to fold the cut-out and the background corner-to-corner and finger score the centre. Pin just the centre and then start by sewing the cut-out about 0.25″ in from the edge. It will be about the same shortness on the other end. Trim the overhang and press seams towards the background. The small rotary cutter makes freehand cutting a breeze but go slowly as with four layers they want to shift. And, when stitching curves, I’m loving my angled sewing tweezers for holding the two fabric edges firmly together.

If you have suggestions for future block lotto challenges please let us know. Keeners are welcome to join the committee.