Ho ho ho, everyone! The VMGQ block lotto continues into the New Year.
You might be tired of the actual snow, but at Elizabeth Geller’s suggestion this month’s block lotto challenge is to make some modern versions of the traditional snowball block. Yes, Santa, the block lotto committee takes requests.

So, when the festivities settle or you just need to sneak away for some alone time, these snowball blocks are a satisfying sewing fix. Make a few because each one is worth one ticket to win them all. For each block you will need one 6″ square in low volume (reads as white) and four 2″ holiday red squares*.

Tutorial* from the always awesome Craftsy: https://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/12/snowball-quilt-block-tutorial/

* Yes, the blocks are 6″ with 2″ corners unlike the tutorial’s 6.5″ with 2.5″ corners. If you did them according to the tutorial don’t sweat it.

Snowball blocks by Jaydeen Williams.
Snowball blocks by Jaydeen Williams.