This month’s block lotto is a bit different than usual, because it’s not technically a lotto. Rather than someone winning all of the blocks, we’ll be collecting the blocks to make comfort quilts for people affected by the fires in the Fort McMurray area of Alberta.

The block we’re doing is BIG! it’s finished size is 20″x20″, so we only need 9 of them to make a lap quilt.

xplus 1

Each block requires seven fabrics, two low volume prints, and five bright prints.

(Please try to stick with modern prints!)

Follow the tutorial on Bad Skirt’s blog for instructions, but cut your pieces according the following sizes.

Low Volume print for the ends of the cross = cut four 4.5″ squares

Low Volume print for the sides of the X = cut eight 4.5″ squares

Bright Print for cross = cut one 4.5″ x 12.5″ rectangle and two 4.5″ squares

Bright Prints for X = cut one 8.5″ square of each of the remaining 4 prints

xplus 2

 To help your block fit together nicely and hold up to lots of love, press all of your seams to the side. For the branches of the X, press the seam towards the bright print, and for the plus, press the seams towards the low volume squares. This will reduce the bulk where the X and plus meet.

If you want to use a very obviously directional print, like stripes, use it for the cross. It won’t look right on the branches of the X. The same goes for the low volume prints – if you’re using a directional print, use it on the ends of the cross, not on the background triangles.

xplus layout scrappy


Here’s a mock up of what a quilt might look like!

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