Welcome all to the Round Robin 2016!

Welcome to the third VMQG Round Robin! Niki will be our coordinator for this round and hope to use everything she has learned from being a participant and from my most esteemed predecessors, Felicity and Stacey Day.

This year we have 11 robins this year!  Let the fun commence!

The centre blocks should be 12″-14″, either square or rectangle. We ask that you use your good fabric and do your best work. And you do, which is why the RR has been such a great success. Let’s continue to impress each other.

If you cannot make it to a meeting or getting your monthly challenge done, please let me know Niki know ASAP. An email will be sent out with a phone number she can be reached at (texting is best!) and she is also on FaceBook and Instagram under her full name, Niki Storr.



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  1. Elsie Sands

    I hope everyone’s getting as revved up as I am about the 2015 Round Robin. This is going to be so much fun!! Thanks, Stacey, for organizing it. 🙂

  2. Elsie Sands

    Well, the first quilt I have to work on has a dark and delicious centre medallion. Can’t wait to get started on it. I wonder what our second assigment will be?

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