Hi, Everyone:

I’m thrilled that you all signed up for our 4th VMQG round robin.

Welcome back to our seasoned veterans and congrats to our newbies for joining us in another quilty adventure.

Your first assignment, please bring to the February meeting:

  • A centre block, 12” to 14”. The design is entirely up to you but please keep it square or rectangle, and in quilting cotton.
  • A small notebook with any guidelines/wishes that you want to communicate to your fellow robins. Every month whoever receives your top is encouraged to jot down their thoughts regarding your top, the assignment, etc.
  • Including any extra fabric for others to incorporate is fine but not necessary. Part of the fun is seeing what others bring to your project, rather than strictly prescribing it.

At the February meeting I will put each project into nylon bags with numbered tags. You will get someone else’s bag to take home for a month and complete the RR assignment that I send out via group email. I will also post it on the VMQG blog and share a link in the VMQG discussion group on FB.

If something comes up and you cannot do your RR, don’t panic just let me know. Sometimes we have alternate robins to help out when needed.

Cheers, Nikiline robin