Kona Solids Challenge Recap

We completed this Challenge in 2011, but it’s never too late to review all the amazing quilts made with the Charm Square packs of Kona Solids in the “darks” colour palette that Robert Kaufman generously donated to us.

Here are the finished projects in no particular order.

MQG - Kona Solids Challenge
kona pinwheels
HK Wisdom front.1
Kona Solid Challenge Darks Front
Elke's Kona challenge quilt

There are many, many more in the VMQG Flickr pool (go back to at least page 11!).

Thanks, everyone, who participated in the challenge – it was incredible to see the myriad beautiful ways our members approached the project!

VMQG Kona Challenge Quilts
The Group

And last but not least, thank you Robert Kaufman for the opportunity to be inspired!

Fabric Sale

If you’ve been working on your challenge using Robert Kaufman’s Kona Modern Quilts fabric line designed by the lovely Cynthia of the FVMQG but you need more fabric, here’s a chance to get it at a great price.

Marmalade Fabrics is holding a summer sale where Cynthia’s fabrics are 15% off! They have several other great lines on sale too, and they are a company I’ve always been pleased with ordering from.

The sale is also great if you didn’t get the fabric at our August meeting but want to work with the prints. Bring your finished objects to our Monday, November 19th meeting to show off. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

April Silk Tie Challenge

It’s Earth Day this weekend and we thought a reuse challenge would be the perfect way to combine quilting and environmentalism! The guild received a donation of silk ties from a businessman who was retiring and we’re going to upcycle them into an improv quilt. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Materials you will need:

  • Bundle of donated silk ties (if you missed picking up a bundle at our April 19th meeting, contact Amy at secretary@vancouvermodernquiltguild.ca)
  • White quilting cotton (any white will do, please avoid cream)
  • 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper

Using your sheet of paper as a foundation, alternate the ties and white cotton to create stripes that run lengthwise on the paper (11 inches long). Leave your edges a little larger than the paper to allow space for trimming. Your tie stripes can either be made from one tie, or several pieced together. Please leave the sheet of paper attached.

Tip from Amy: use lots of pins, and UHU glue to tack it in place.

All the finished blocks will be assembled into a group quilt. This quilt will eventually be a fundraiser with a portion going to the guild and a portion going to a charity that will be chosen over the next few months.

From Suzanne Gray of Portland, Oregon who made our inspiration quilt:

My piecing style was quite liberated– I alternated wonky strips of white with whole and pieced tie sections, then trimmed them down…. It was really easy!

Photos of Suzanne’s Tie Quilt: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60856884@N02/galleries/72157629839598015

Photos in this post by Sonja Callaghan.

Pouch Swap with Portland MQG

We are very excited to do a second swap with another modern quilt guild. This time we are going international, but staying west coast, and swapping with the Portland Modern Quilt Guild!


Please read over the guidelines carefully before committing. Then fill out this form by Friday, April 27th to register. You will be assigned your partners in early May.

Kalin will coordinate the Vancouver end of the swap so please contact her at kalin@vancouvermodernquiltguild.ca if you have any questions.

Krista (Poppyprint)’s Mosaic for a recent pouch swap


1. It will be mixed partners, not a 1-to-1 swap.
2. The project is one pouch with some sort of closure (velcro, zipper, snap, etc).
3. Finished size should be somewhere between 4×4 and 8×8 inches.
4. To participate, fill in the online form by Friday, April 27th. If you want, you can create an inspiration mosaic (using Big Huge Labs’ Mosaic Maker tool) and post it to the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild’s flickr group. This is an optional step. It helps your partner get to know your style.
5. Bring your finished project to the May 17th or June 21st meeting. If you can’t, let Kalin know.
6. Projects will be shipped as a group so please label your pouch with your name and the name of the recipient.
And just in case here is the link to the Registration form again.

New Public Events Calendar

Rainbow Stars quilt - washed

With all the Quilt Shows and events in our area we decided to make a Google Calendar that everyone can access to see these Quilt related events, along with the guild meetings and sew-ins (& workshops!) we organize. Please visit our Calendar page to view the current month, or if you’re a regular Google Calendar user, add it to your profile.

If you view the event details we will include locations, agendas and other details depending on what kind of event it is. If the event is longer than 1 week, we have only marked the first and last date of the event.

Know about an event that you think should be included? Send Kalin or Holly an email.

Scraps from the web

I follow the Museum of Vancouver‘s twitter feed and they recently linked to an article that led me to discover Kathryn Clark, a very interesting artist working with fabric, quilting, embroidery and the like. The article is an interview about a project combining quilting, maps and current events. Her website and blog are great spaces to explore her interesting projects, get insight into her process and learn the term “articraft”.

From the Foreclosure Series

One website that has been catching my eye more and more is Craftsy. It’s a community that features online classes, a beta pattern section, a project area and much more. There’s a great selection of quilting courses and right now a few of them are on sale. It might also be a great place for many of our talented members to share their talents. What I love is it is so focused on creating and a place for many crafts to converge.

Quilting Modern

This one is a bit all over the place right now, but Holly got a personal email from Jacquie Gering of Tallgrass Prairie Studio, making sure our members know about it. Visit Canadian Living to read their review of the book “Quilting Modern” and enter the Canadian-residents-only (!!!) contest to win a copy. Written by Jacquie and Katie Pedersen of Sew Katie Did, this is one of the most anticipated new quilting books of the year and focuses on “improvisational techniques to make graphic contemporary quilts”. Publisher Interweave has a great preview available. The deadline is midnight tonight (Tuesday, April 3rd), so there are only hours left to enter!

Arkansas Traveler

On a recent visit to my dream home of Tofino, BC, I stopped in at their lovely local quilt store, Sew Tuff, and noticed a collection of all-solids blocks on the design wall. It turns out they were blocks from Fresh Lemons Quilts’ 2011 Summer Sampler Series, and I am particularly in love with the block shown above.

Anyway, now I’ve been following the Fresh Lemons blog and through there I found out about this festival being hosted by Canoe Ridge Creations:

Running from April 2 until April 27, you can be inspired by a selection of bloggers to create an HST project that can be entered for some great prizes. I know I have a UFO that might be perfect for this.

And just because pictures are great, here’s a picture that shows exactly why I spend so much time on the far west coast. Happy quilting!


Member Spotlight: Felicity R.

Our next member spotlight is from a member you’ll see at almost every meeting or know from her blog. Read on to learn more about Felicity!

Felicity (Photo by Sonja)

What is your first quilting memory? 
I remember the first few minutes of my first quilting class (in 2001) like it was yesterday. I’d admired quilts, had seen them in shows and in museums and in books, but for some reason I didn’t clue in to the fact that I could actually make one of my own. My husband encouraged me to take a class to learn how. I will never forget the moment when I realized that I was about to learn how to make my own quilts – I was excited, thrilled and very, very happy.

In a (Solid) Pickle

What is the finished quilt you are most proud of?
I think I would have to say the mini quilt I made for the For The Love of Solids swap on Flickr. I tried a new-to-me pattern (pickle dish) that was complicated: foundation paper piecing AND curved seams. But I love how it turned out; I’m especially proud of the quilting, which I believe really complements the pattern.

Easy Going Modern

What is “Modern Quilting” to you?
Modern Quilting, to me, is a mindset. An approach that embraces experimentation and improvisation; that happily combines the traditional and the contemporary to make something fresh and new. It’s an “anything goes” approach to design that doesn’t mean “sloppy” or “careless” – rather, it’s a certain openness to new ways of expressing one’s creativity. I’d also say that Modern Quilting and technology are very closely married, especially as it relates to the online Modern Quilting community.

What kind of sewing machine(s) do you have?
I sew on a Bernina Activa 145. I am very happy with it, but when I bought it around 10 years ago, I didn’t realize how restrictive I’d find the tiny throat. Oh well.

Polka Dot Garden Front

Pretend it’s a rainy spring day and you’re spending it snuggled up on the couch with your favorite quilt…What are you eating and/or drinking? Coffee or tea, and I probably have a book in my hand.

Mug Rug Complete

Another great round of answers. Visit Felicity on her blog, Felicity Quilts, or on flickr.

Poll: Sew-in Times

Our first Friday night sew-in at Holy Trinity Church

Your executive spends a lot of time looking into times and locations for our sew-ins. We want to make sure they allow as many of those who are interested to attend. While members get priority on attendance, we welcome non-members and it is a great way to see what we’re all about as well as work on your projects. The guild does subsidize these events, but they would be most sustainable if we have enough attendees to cover the rental costs of the space.

We’ve put together a poll to get a sense of the most popular days and times for sew-ins. Please choose as many options as apply to you (e.g. if you can come on both Saturdays AND Sundays, just click both) and if you’d like to give us more information, please comment on this post. We will be discussing the results at our next exec meeting in the first week of April.


[polldaddy poll=6055528]


Also, we are going to be adding a monthly poll to the side bar of our website. It will be quilting related, but not necessarily guild related. So if you’re not a member, or not even a regular guest or potential member, we’d love your opinions to be included!

Member Spotlight: Sky M.

Here’s our latest Member Spotlight. I am enjoying seeing how each of you approach your answers. Enjoy learning about Sky this month.

What is your first quilting memory?

I have always loved fabrics and sewing, so when my aunt introduced quilting to me, I was hooked. Sewing various colours and shapes together to create a functional, beautiful quilt was and still is a delightful, rewarding endeavour.

The UQE’s (ugliest quilts ever) can be recut, refashioned and reworked into something beautiful, nothing is ever a loss when thinking outside of the box. It’s so much fun to explore the possibilities.

What is “Modern Quilting” to you?

Modern quilting to me can be the combination of bold and bright prints and plains with some traditional blocks used in an untraditional way, all the way to freeform shapes randomly sewn together in a pleasing combination. It’s an art form limited only by my imagination (or stash). When what I make is to be given away, a traditional pattern in thoroughly modern colours on one side would have a non-traditional fun design on the other. Satisfies my inner rebel.

What is your favorite moment as a guild member so far?

I love being a member of our Guild. It’s hard to pinpoint one favourite moment, rather it’s a collage of highlights: warm greetings, show and tell, coffee times, retreat days, inspiration, encouraging remarks…….great times.

What kind of sewing machine(s) do you have?

All of my piecing and quilting happens on my Bernina 630, my backup machine is a Bernina as well. I have never sent a quilt ‘out’ to be quilted, preferring a free-motion design of my own.

What new technique or pattern is highest on your list to learn or do?

Part of personal growth in any design process is learning new techniques and incorporating them into projects. Ansa Breytenbach, a New Zealander, has caught my imagination with her combination of appliquéd curves, quilt ribbons, pieced squares and vibrant colours. Her pieces are fascinating and challenging. Definitely some skills there that I would like to learn.

Pretend it’s a cold winter day and you’re spending it snuggled up on the couch with your favorite quilt…What are you eating and/or drinking?
On a cold day like today, you may find me in front of my fireplace, drinking my new favourite tea, Mint Yerba Matte, and ……knitting……or reading……..or writing…….or dreaming and planning my next project.

Lovely answers Sky! If you want to learn more about Sky you’re going to have to ask her at one of our meetings. 

Scraps from the Web

Here are a few things happening out there in the world of modern quilting.

Fat Quarterly E-Zine

They launched Issue #8 on January 31st and I bought mine within hours. It’s all about using paper in quilting and The Apple Pie Pillow pattern (pictured below) was too irresistible. Preview some of the patterns here and then place your order here.  Also, take a peek at their blog postings over the last few weeks to see work featuring Aurifil threads.

Apple Pie Pillow
Apple Pie Pillow

Invisible Quilt Hanging

A few weeks ago, Amy from Amy a la Mode posted a wonderful tutorial on how to hang your quilts on walls and have the hanger be completely invisible. I loved the tutorial and the quilts in it.

Tempting Fabric

I have recently started buying fabric online and discovered Marmalade Fabrics via a few other guild members. I was so pleased with my first order, I am waiting for a second parcel to arrive. This past Monday, Tammy of Marmalade Fabrics announced the arrival of Stockholm by Robin Zingone. I know what will be in my third order…

Summer Leaves
Summer Leaves from Stockholm Collection


Our secretary Amy has a great blog called Glitter, Vinyl and Thread where she recently did a rundown of several modern quilt-alongs that are happening these days. I’m not jumping into any of them right now, but you might want to, and I did mark several of them for future use. Quilt-alongs are great to try out something new and make some great online friends.

Are there other things happening you think should be on the blog? Let us know and we might include it in our next “scraps” post.