The VMQG has endeavoured to give baby quilts to all of our members who have had children since the guild began in June 2010.

The first recipient was Holly Broadland, our guild founder. She was given one of our first guild quilts in December 2010 as a combination baby quilt/thank you for everything you’ve done quilt.
hollys quilt

After that came Stacey D in March 2012
stacey day 2012

and then Elke in July 2013

Samantha in July 2015
samantha at meeting flickr

Mel in January 2016
mels ig photo

Jenn BL in May 2016
jenn bl photo 2

Stacey D in June 2016 (our first repeat customer!)
stacey 2016

Christina in June 2016
christina ig photo

Elke again in March 2017

Jenn BL again in October 2017

Leslie in October 2017

and Morgan in November 2017

After the height of the pandemic lockdown, we’re thrilled to be able to gift baby quilts again. Pictured here is amy dame presenting the quilt to Jaydeen and her sweet little one, Ezra. April 2023