I cannot be alone in my hoarding of nearly all the fabric bits, with the intention of using them in something, someday. Well, the day for those off-cut triangle scraps has arrived.

In our bid to celebrate basic shapes, let’s send little triangles of colours, afloat in a navy blue sky using Amy Gibson’s tutorial for floating triangles: http://www.stitcherydickorydock.com/night-sky-a-floating-triangle-tutorial/

I used Kona’s Nautical blue solid for my background, but as close to a navy as you can would be acceptable. And, for the triangles, bright colours with little or no white seem to pop most. Play with how you trim them so that the triangles end up in varying positions. As Amy recommends, trim to 4.5″.

For each block you make, you get a ticket to win them all. These go by super quickly that I think we should have a veritable Milky Way of triangle bits.