“No, Niki, noooo….” I can totally hear you. In fact, I did it myself as I prepared to make the samples for this circle themed block lotto. Do what I did, make a strong cup of courage and take a deep breath. This is really not as bad as it might seem. 

For all of you who took Terry Aske’s freezer paper workshops this will add another twist on how to do a circle. My advice is to use liquid glue and not a glue stick, like I did. Also, I think a pencil is a fine substitute for a Frixon pen. 

Inset blocks by Niki Storr based on tutorial by Sarah of Narcoleptic in a Cupboard. 

Sarah of Narcoleptic in a Cupboard did a great tutorial that has photos and descriptions for each step. My first couple might not be perfectly round, but the second two came out better – so I could quickly see that the more you make the better they get. Link to her blog post is here: http://narcolepticinacupboard.blogspot.com/p/oakshott-circles-quilt-tutorial.html

Please stick to solids on a low-volume background. As for size I went with roughly 9.5″ backgrounds on these with 5″ circles. Like Sarah mentions in her blog, keeping the blocks either 12″, 9″ or 6″ will help with piecing them together. 

P.S. I got my freezer paper at Dressew. Cheap, cheap.