Here’s your chance to try a fun improv pattern by designer Tara Faughnan, IG @tarafaughnan, who presented to our guild in January 2021. 


Use solid colour fabrics only.  

You will need 3 different colours. One for the ‘ground’, and one for the ‘rails’ — these are the vertical colours.  And the last for the ‘ties’ — the horizontal bands. Tara’s suggestion when selecting fabric colour is to select the first colour then select your second colour to go with your first colour and then select your third colour to go with your second colour.  You may get an interesting colour combination that you hadn’t thought about.

See sample pic below.


Finished block will measure 9.5″ wide and however long  as you like.  

1.  Select fabric for the ground (peach). 

2.  Select fabric for rails (brown). Cut in two lengths and sew to both sides of the ground fabric. This will measure 9.5″ wide, or a bit wider and can be trimmed down after final step and however long you like.

3.  Cut strips across the block. They can be evenly spaced or not. It’s up to you how many strips you cut.

4.  Select fabric for the track (green). Cut strips and insert them in the ground/rail block.

5. Trim block to 9.5″ and however long as you like.

Prep Time: 30 minutes (includes colour selection, cutting, sewing and pressing.)