From getting a curve on we are switching to squares, but soft floating ones with space. Yes, more of that glorious negative space. There are a few interpretations of the floating block such as:

“Shadow Quilt” by Dick Wightman
“Orange explains it all” by Frederick Nunley
based on Sherri Lynn Wood’s technique.

Sherri Lynn Wood’s Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters

Whether you go planned or improv, please do at least two sides of the quilt top.

Reminder – use some fabric from your stash. The fabric that may have been initially included with the tops is meant to supplement, not sustain, the entire project (unless specified in the instructions provided with the top but this is unlikely as most RR projects need topping-up). Please leave some of the owner’s fabrics for the later months so that there is some continuity from beginning to end. And, in the same spirit, I will add the leftover pieces of new fabrics that I’ve introduced for others going forward. Sharing is caring!