Welcome to the beginning of this year’s Round Robin (RR), a VMQG collaborative quilt project. For this guild, the RR started in 2013, and 2020 will be my fifth year guiding the flock through eleven monthly challenges. For those who are unfamiliar and curious about how the RR works, read on!

Each participant/robin starts by signing up with me, either in-person at the guild meeting or by way of Instagram (@nikistorr) or Facebook, before the February meeting. Exceptions can and will be made, but are not optimal.

The second step is for each robin to make a centre block in the range of 12″ – square or rectangle, please. This centre block is your choice of pattern and fabric. Bring that to the February meeting with any (optional) supporting fabric and a notebook stating your inspiration to guide the rest of us to make you the best RR top possible. I will put each project into a nylon bag with a numbered tag and will redistribute them to the robins at each monthly guild meeting. For the next eleven months, your top and notebook will be recirculated within the RR group and added onto by each person it temporarily lands with. Tops return to the originator in January 2021 during the ‘big reveal’ program. My 2017 RR quilt sold at the last VMQG show, so set the bar high!

Robins should look forward to getting a different project at every meeting. Feedback that I’ve gotten more than once is that the RR pushes us all to try techniques and fabrics inside and outside our comfort zones. I also cherish having something my guild mates have contributed to as group (and since it will never be baby quilt this is as close as it’s going to get for me!). As the coordinator, I try to keep the time commitment to assignments that can be completed reasonably over a couple of evenings or an afternoon.

SAGOmini Robin

Birds of a feather…sew together?

x Niki Storr