Greetings Robins,

Welcome to those in the Seymour Quilters Guild who are joining our flock.

And suddenly spring has sprung on our West Coast, everything from bulbs to birds is busy maximizing on the sunshine and warm temperatures. This leads me to this month’s RR prompt – movement. Pick a block that has a little spin, such as the windmill or pinwheel pattern.

Add as many as you like to your quilt top. I did some improv windmills that turned out super awkward but using them on the top and bottom of the quilt at least looks intentional. This is what they should look like:

Windmill blocks by Sujata Shah, Cultural Fusion Quilts (C&T Publishing, 2014).















Please remember if you post on Instagram to tag your block with #vanmqgrr21 and your local guild.

Niki Storr