16 quilt blocks with angled slashed pieces

For September, we’ve chosen a fun and easy modern block. A picture of the block from ‘Keepsake Quilting’ was found online but no pattern instructions were included, so we’ve made our own.

Please use solid colour quilting fabrics only, in fall colours.
Unfinished block is 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″.

Fabric & Cutting:

1. Choose two contrasting solid colour fabrics

2. Cut four squares from Fabric A: 5″ x 5″

3. Cut four strips of Fabric B: 6″ x 1.25″


Marking and Sewing:

1. Mark spot 1.5 inches in from top right corner
2. Mark spot 1.5 inches in from bottom left corner

3. Mark a diagonal line connecting the two marked spots and cut along this line.

Examples of blocks and where to mark them

4. Sew the Fabric B strip to the left half of the block, press seam and then sew onto the right half of the block. (Note: you will need to be careful to line up the two halves of the block so that alignment stays as “square” as possible.)

Example showing how to position fabric pieces
Example of where to stitch fabric pieces

5. The resulting block will be slightly wider than 5″ and you will need to trim it back to 5″ square. The height of the block should still be 5″ but you will need to trim the two sides and the ends of the inset strip. Note: you need to be careful to centre the block and there should be about 1 1/8″ in from top right and in from bottom left on the trimmed block.

6. Complete the other three squares in the same manner.

Finishing Block:
1. Layout as shown below
2. Sew the four squares together.


Example of finished block.

Example of finished block with four smaller blocks sewn together to make a larger block