The Vancouver Improv Sampler has a number of blocks that may require you to do some curved piecing, and that can be intimidating for some people. Of course, you can always make curved shapes without piecing, usually with applique, but if you’d like to try curved piecing, here’s list of improv tutorials to check out.

There’s a lot of repetition in these links, but rather than arbitrarily deciding which ones were better or which ones were more important, we’re sharing all of the tutorials that we’ve come across.

Cutting quarter circle curves by stacking the fabric –

From The Quilting Edge (using squares)
From (using rectangles)

Cutting quarter circle curves by overlapping fabric, not stacking it –

From Sew Take A Hike
From How About Pink Please

Cutting vertical curves by stacking the fabric-

From Sew Mama Sew

Cutting vertical curves by overlapping the fabric, not stacking it –

From Red Pepper Quilts
From The Last Piece
From The Blue Chair
From Alamosa Quilter
From Peas In A Pod

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